Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking at my stats... 2 followers, no comments... I truly cannot say that blogging has been a successful endeavor.

Sometimes I wonder if
Not that anyone cares... but I got older again this past week... so I thought I would post again.
Laura Marling on the audio.
Bourbon in hand.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It is amazing ...

The things you grow out of, and the things that stick.
Things that pass through life as a phase, and the things that become a part of you.

Though KMFDM gets regular play... Much of my Industrial collection is left collecting dust.
It saddens me to see these things neglected, yet I have little affinity for them.

On the other hand...
Tom Waits, Nick Cave and a Good Glass of Bourbon.
- These cannot be considered passing things.

Here is to you.

And now...

I have turned 31. Focusing on family near and far. (as best as they will allow)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Of course I Didn't even realize.

I Turned 30 since my last post. The big 3-0.

Not that it really matters... I just realized that I have to edit my Profile as it still says late 20's.



Been A While

I was Hoping that I would maintatin better up-keep of this little Blog... But the disappointment of the lack of comments became distressful. Then I realized that perhaps that is not the correct purpose for this venue. Perhaps rather It should simply be a Place apon which to post my thoughts.

Anyway here's my update: The Job is good. Life is good. Family is good. Not sure how much to share beyond that.

I'll try to post here more often. Don't even know if anyone reads it or even has read it.

Hope all is well with you all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So... There I was

Having finished a glorious steak dinner and a couple excellent bottles of wine when the discussion started.

The prospect of a viable utopian society and the demonstration of it's impossability through the great writtings of social observers.

One member attempted the pragmatist argument of the success of "a brave new world." It being Huxley's demonstration of the success of a well oiled machine, creating a social cast system based apon genetic limiting of the participants and thereby enjoing the benifits of a populous that is content on their individual roles while avoiding any discontentment.

The argument against this was what I believed to be Huxley's premise. That being the sacrifices and de-humanisation required to accomplish a utopian society, thereby rendering it no longer a society but rather a slave organisation consisting of the leadership and the genetically deminished workers.

The argument then entered religion and the corruption that reigns over it not unlike the leadership class of the alleged utopia. The argument being that the conflics between the various religions is what creates human discord and thus makes utopia impossible.

My argument against this was simple. Should a single religion take over or rather "win" it would inevitably become a "world" religion and not unlike the Catholic Church of old, would take over the government, creating a World government. A world government which also serves as the world religion can only be a bad idea. When corruption abounds within the relms of the human condition, would not the end result simply harken back to the times when this was the case over countries of europe?

The creation of an ameable solution of "common agreement" and the establishment of a unifying religion only serves to give an organization too much power. This will only result is the enslavement of the human race. i.e. 1984

The utopian/religious argument went for a time and I finally stated the utopian solution. (at least my opinion)

It is the continous battle that maintains the balance neccisary for society to continue to exist.

Governments in disagreement, Religions in disagreement, Moral codes and ethics questioned and disagreed with.

These are the things that keep humanity free. These are the things that allow for the best possible social solution. As soon as one of these things becomes a controlling force, the others will be conquered. If one government or religion becomes a world power we all cease to be Humans. Instead we become slaves to that wich can no longer be contested.

The flaw with utopia is that a some level in it's governing/creating class, there is a point where someone or group must be exempt from the laws, rules, and morality in order to implement it and control it. This was demonstrated in Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, and all of the many others. This flaw is also the causitory factor of most of the corruption which occurs in Religious, Commercial, Governmental organisations. Somewhere in each of these, someone must act outside the rules inorder to maintain order.

What does this have to do with Freemasonry?
Not much, though I suppose if Freemasonry were to take over the world... :)